Fresh Full Thickness Skin

Novabiosis provides fresh full thickness skin sourced from consented organ and tissue donors. This high-quality skin tissue, recovered from abdomen, thighs, or lower back; offers researchers an excellent substrate for studying wound healing, skin diseases, and dermatological treatments. With its intact structure and cellular composition, fresh full thickness skin from Novabiosis enables accurate in vitro modelling, allowing researchers to develop and test new therapies with enhanced precision.

Frozen Tissues

Our frozen tissue samples encompass a diverse array of organ types and anatomical regions, providing researchers with a comprehensive resource for their studies. Whether investigating cancer biology, organ development, or tissue regeneration, Novabiosis' frozen tissues offer researchers the flexibility and versatility needed to address a wide range of research questions. With strict adherence to ethical sourcing practices, Novabiosis ensures that each frozen tissue specimen meets the highest quality standards.

Frozen Full Thickness Skin

Our frozen full thickness skin samples maintain their integrity and cellular viability, making them ideal for long-term storage and experimentation. Researchers can utilize these samples for a wide range of applications, including drug screening, toxicity testing, and studying skin physiology. Novabiosis ensures that each frozen full thickness skin specimen meets stringent quality standards, providing researchers with reliable and reproducible results.

Adipose Tissue

Novabiosis' adipose tissue samples offer researchers a valuable resource for studying adipose biology and metabolic diseases. Adipose tissue plays a critical role in energy homeostasis, hormone regulation, and inflammation, making it a crucial focus of research in areas such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular health. Novabiosis' adipose tissue samples provide researchers with high-quality specimens for investigating adipocyte biology, adipose tissue inflammation, and therapeutic interventions targeting metabolic disorders.

Skeletal Muscle

Novabiosis offers skeletal muscle tissue derived from ethically sourced organ and tissue donors, providing researchers with a valuable tool for studying muscle biology and function. Whether investigating muscle development, disease mechanisms, or therapeutic interventions, skeletal muscle samples from Novabiosis offer researchers an accurate representation of in vivo physiology. With its intact cellular architecture and contractile properties, skeletal muscle tissue serves as a valuable model system for advancing research in muscle-related disorders.

Synovial Fluid

Novabiosis offers synovial fluid harvested from consented donors, providing researchers with a valuable resource for studying joint health and diseases such as arthritis. Synovial fluid serves as a crucial biomarker for assessing inflammation, lubrication, and overall joint function. Researchers can use Novabiosis' synovial fluid samples to investigate disease mechanisms, evaluate potential therapeutics, and develop diagnostic tools to improve patient care.