Normal Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells-P1 (NhBE-P1)


Proliferating Normal Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells- P1 (NhBE-P1) are isolated, initially as NhBE-P0, from the bronchus at the bifurcation point to the fourth generation of bronchi.  The original cell composition consisted of a mix of differentiated ciliated, non-ciliated, goblet, and basal cells. After culturing the mixed NhBE-P0 in BEGM, CRC or Dual Smad culture conditions, the result is a homogenous population of basal cells, or NhBE-P1.

Proliferating NhBE-P1 cells have been characterized by  morphological assessment by light microscopy.  The NhBE-P1 homogenous basal cell population was then further QC tested after differentiating the NhBE-P1 cells (using Novabiosis ALI media) Proliferating Normal Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells-P1 (NhBE-P1) into ciliated, non-ciliated and goblet cells.  These differentiated cells were characterized and Air/Liquid Interface culture (ALI) validated by immunofluorescence using protein markers for Cilia (acetylated tubulin), mucin (MUC5AC), tight junctions (Zonula Occludens-1), and basal cells (cytokeratin-5).

The NhBE-P1 cells are guaranteed to have minimum population doublings of at least 20 (from P1 to P3) following the instructions and conditions provided by Novabiosis.

THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY and NOT approved for use in humans or clinical diagnostic testing.


  Cryopreserved Human Bronchial Epithelial P-1 Product Literature