What We Do

Novabiosis is focused on providing cryopreserved primary human cell types from multiple organ types for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical research fields.

In addition, we are able to facilitate the placement of non-transplantable organs, and some tissues, from our Organ Procurement Organization partners direct to the research community. This service fosters improved research in therapies that may treat liver and kidney disease, immune disorders, and other various medical conditions.

While Novabiosis may be a new brand, we have been working with our Organ Procurement Organization partners for well over 17 years. Our collaboration has allowed us to focus on developing treatments for liver diseases, and our success speaks to our long history in this field delivering improved research to the medical community.

We would like to thank our OPO partners, the organ donation community, and especially the organ donor families for supporting and working with us. Together we can help improve access to non-transplantable organs, and ultimately develop life-saving treatments for multiple disease areas.

Call 1-919-265-8210 or email us here with any questions or to learn more about our service and products.


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